What Is Google Analytics 4?

What Is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics is a new tool analytics tool from Google focused on customer privacy (this is what they say). It replaces the older Google Analytics 4 which wasnt a bad tool at all. Unfortunately someone at Google had to do something, not necessarily better, and they come up with this monster. Monster because it is clunky, uses completely bullshit metrics and any setup within this tool (like custom goals) it more difficult than in GA Universal.

Another problem is – GA universal will collect data only till July 2023. Then it will be still accessible, but not for long – Google announced they delete all the historic data from Universal Analytics in the following year.

One of our friends -Welding Superstore a Welding Supplier from Perth, Western Australia  asked us about the possibility of migrating the historic data to this new analytics. Guess what – there is no migration! The only thing you can do is download your data from Universal Analytics to spreadsheets or pdfs and try to set up some kind of reporting based on this. Very tedious and complicated.

Anyway so here are the positive aspects of the new GA4 – as it is advertised by Google. You can judge for yourself if this is so innovative…

Google Analytics 4 includes privacy-tracking, cross-channel data measurement, and AI predictive analytics. It will be of great help for companies in terms of foreseeing new trend and possible modifications to better their user experience and security.

Google Analytics 4 Engagement Metrics:

  • engaged sessions
  • engagement rate
  • engagement time

Advantages of Google Analytics 4

Cross-Platform Tracking 

Using Google Analytics 4, manual processes will be eliminated. Your workforce will gain more effeciency. It can track both website and application data using one property. It also enables companies see the full customer journey with acquisition, engagement, monetization, and retention. It is also a perfect tool for tracking your customers’ behaviour from the beginning to end of their navigation and from paltform to platform.

Google Analytics 4 provide an extensive data about your customer behaviour; hence, your company will be able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesess while being able to create a strategy that best fits your customers’ data.

All Measurements Are In-Depth

One of the most important metrics are page views. Instead of having to calculate session levels, Google Analytics 4 allows you to collect and store user interactions as separate entities. You can also break it down for a more in-depth reports and perspectives. Additionally, you will have the chance to earn and view the complete understanding of the individual users and use it to paln your marketing tactics.

AI Insights for Predictive Measurements

Understanding your audience is an integral part of digital marketing. Looking closely at their behaviour will garner you insights that can help modify your strategies that can lead to more sales or prospects. Google Analytics 4 is armed with predictive metrics from an AI that will give you the chance to implement data-dirven tactics.

Google Analytics 4 Metrics:

purchase probability

  • churn probability
  • revenue prediction

Extensive Control

With greater control, the greater outcome. If you are able to control your data, the more you can optimise it to your gains. With Google Analytics 4, you can create custom reports without limitations. It also delivers a more flexible features that lets you create your own dashboard according to your specific business operations.

Moreover, you can create custom data visualizations while having control of your reporting and segmentation. Google Analytis 4 also lets companies create segments according to the evenets that are essential for the website. It lets brand make subsets of events that is happening around your website to earn a clear-cut understanding of your user behaviours. It also helps brands accurately trach customer interactions. It can pinpoint certain events that happened in certain part of the website.

Google Analytics 4 provides a granular view of all the activities that are occurring within the website. It lets companies intensively look at these events to create a better marketing strategy. Google Analytics 4 is the soluton for all the strenuous work employees do just to collect important customer data.